The Bioinformatics Interdepartmental Graduate Program welcome applications from all students.  We especially encourage students from groups underrepresented in Bioinformatics to apply.


UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Faculty Research Highlight

Dr. Paivi Pajukanta

Professor of Human Genetics, UCLA

Dr. Pajukanta’s research group is interested in integrative genomics of complex cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Her lab has conducted several genome-wide scans and identified DNA sequence variants, genes and pathways for complex cardiovascular and metabolic traits. Dr. Pajukanta’s laboratory has performed some of the first genetic studies of admixed Latino populations that have been underrepresented in genomic studies despite their high predisposition to dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease. Her laboratory designed a new approach to genome-wide association studies and identified genes that may predispose modern Mexicans to dyslipidemia and obesity. Her research group is currently performing extensive RNA-sequencing studies to search for context-specific transcriptional changes in human adipose and liver tissues, contributing to obesity and dyslipidemia.


Student Research Highlights


Diego Ortega Del Vecchyo is a PhD student in the Bioinformatics program. He is currently exploring how haplotypic linkage disequilibrium patterns are affected by natural selection. He will use the information contained in those patterns to infer the distribution of the strength of natural selection on new genetic variants in the human genome.



Ivette Zelaya is a Bioinformatics graduate student. Ivette’s research involves investigating the role non-coding variation plays in disease phenotypes such as Tourette’s Syndrome, as well as quantitative phenotypes such as gene expression.