Technical Breadth Area in Computational Genomics
Engineering Students can take advantage of the Computational Genomics Technical Breadth Area to incorporate some Bioinformatics courses into their course program. The Technical Breadth Area consists of three (3) courses including Life Sciences 4 (required unless it is taken to satisfy another degree requirement), and two upper division courses in the area of Genomics. These courses cover a wide range of topics including Population Genetics and Systems Biology. A full list of approved courses for the Technical Breadth Area is available at

Computer Science Major Science and Technology Elective Options
Computer Science B.S. majors can take some life sciences courses to fulfill their Science and Technology electives. For Computer Science majors interested in getting some interdisciplinary experience in Computational Biology there is a new set of biology courses approved to satisfy the Sci-Tech electives and a new Technical Breadth Area in Computational Genomics. These courses will provide students with a strong background in Biology and Genomics, especially when combined with the current CS elective options in Bioinformatics. These Sci-Tech courses consist of Chemistry 20B, Chemistry 30A and Life Sciences 3. Students who take this Sci-Tech option (see Option 4 at are strongly encouraged to take Life Sciences 2 as part of their GE requirements. Students who complete these courses will have completed the pre-requisites for the courses in the Computational Genomics Technical Breadth Area.

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