Analysis of transcriptome complexity using deep RNA sequencing

Project Start Date: Summer 2013

Project Title: Analysis of transcriptome complexity using deep RNA sequencing.

Project Contact: Yi Xing (;

Project Description:
Deep RNA sequencing has emerged as a powerful technology for transcriptome analysis. By generating massive amount of short sequence reads from a given RNA sample, one can use RNA-Seq to define and quantify patterns of gene expression and RNA processing on a genomic scale. This project will develop methods for analysis of transcriptome complexity (gene expression, RNA processing, non-coding RNA) using RNA-Seq data, and apply these methods to study transcriptome regulation and mRNA isoform expression in development and disease.

Required Experience: Experience with some programming language (C, C++, Python, Perl, etc.), some background knowledge of statistics. Prior experience in bioinformatics and high-throughput sequencing is desirable but not a must.

Possibility of Funding : Yes

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