Internet Services for Collaborative Data Sharing (ISCDS)

Project Start Date: Summer 2011

Project Title: Internet Services for Collaborative Data Sharing (ISCDS)

Contact: Ivo Dinov (

Project Description: The ISCDS project aims to develop a system enabling the examination of research grant proposals data (specifically reviewer’s and study section’s (panel’s) tendency to deliver a constructive (positive, negative or neutral) evaluation of grant applications). The project will collect and mine all publicly available information and construct a set of metrics characterizing research grants based on applicant/application-topic. Specifically, ISCDS will provide a webservice enabling: Community Entry of Data, Community Export of Data, Exploratory Data Analysis/Graphics, Model Estimation/Model Fitting, and Outcome Prediction.

Required Experience:
1. Excellent database, web-technologies, design and web-services skills.
2. Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree in computer science, engineering or a related field.
3. Solid experience with HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, JSP, PHP, JSON development.
4. Knowledge of UNIX, LINUX, Mac and PC.
5. Experience with virtualization technology.
6. Excellent team and independent environment working skills.
7. Experience with Data Mining.
8. Excellent analytical skills and the ability to quickly gain an understanding of complex systems and tools.
9. Strong written and verbal communication.
10. Experience with building and maintaining social networks and collaborative web resources.

Possibility of Funding: Yes

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