Computational Challenges in Cardiovascular Systems Biology

Project Start Date: Summer 2011
Project Title: Computational Challenges in Cardiovascular Systems Biology

Contact: Tom Vondriska (
Project Description:
Our group uses proteomics and genomics to study complex phenotypes in animal models of cardiovascular disease. We are interested in understanding the basic principles by which chromatin structure underlies gene expression patterns. Available projects involve bioinformatic analysis of proteomics, microarray and DNA/RNA sequencing data with the goals of annotation, hierarchical comparison and analysis of emergent properties. Additional projects involve image analysis/recognition and challenges in evolutionary genomics.

Required experience:
Extensive experience with some programming language(s); basic knowledge of molecular biology; basic knowledge of genomics; Individuals with interest/experience in mathematical modeling are also encouraged to inquire.
Yes; to be determined by level of student commitment; course credit also available

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